North Iowa's Premiere Food Hub​​

North Iowa Fresh is an innovative local food business (Food Hub) created by local food farmers from across north central Iowa. We aggregate products from around the region at Furleigh Farms (near Clear Lake) and distribute local food to individuals and families primarily through our Bounty Box vegetable subscription (Community Supported Agriculture - CSA program). We also deliver wholesale to grocery stores, restaurants and schools.

North Iowa Local Food Delivery

Our Food Hub Serves the Bounty of North Iowa; from Mason City to Clarion

We specialize in delivering local vegetables through our Bounty Box Program which offers both convenience and flexibility. Our standard boxes contain predominantly familiar, easy to use, local produce with just a few unique items for you to try.

If you’re looking for more diversity, our online ordering system allows you to add products, weekly, to your standard subscription or you can choose the Build Your Own Box option that is fully customizable. In addition to vegetables our a-la-carte storefront also also offers locally-produced pork, beef, chicken, honey and specialty products such as handmade soaps!

We are currently delivering to customers in Mason City, Clear Lake, Garner, Belmond, Clarion, Forest City, Hampton, Sheffield, Osage, Charles City and continue to explore opportunities to expand into other North Iowa communities.

Our Team of Local Farmers

Our North Iowa farmers have been working together since 2014 to provide delicious, top quality, farm fresh products to more customers. The location of our farms range from Charles City to Clarion, spreading out the risk of being impacted by any one bad storm or pest outbreak. This also allows farmers to specialize in what they like to grow, whether it be strawberries from Furleigh Farms, apples from Apples on the Avenue or Huntly Gardens, or even meat from Mossycup Farms and Purple Ribbon Beef.


Our farmers raise our crops with care for the land and those who work on our farms. Most of our farmers use minimal to no synthetic chemical applications. Many incorporate diverse habitats to attract insects and birds to help with pest control.


North Iowa Fresh is known for its commitment to quality and reliability.

North Iowa Fresh Team



A centrally located facility that facilitates the aggregation, storage, processing, distribution, and/or marketing of locally/regionally source-identified food products to multiple buyers from multiple producers. North Iowa Fresh is your local Food Hub!


Community Supported Agriculture: A popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from farmers, through a subscription type program. In short: people buy a portion of a farm's harvest, in advance, and then receive a box of produce as it is harvested. Our Bounty Box is a multi-farm CSA since we are aggregation products from multiple farms.


This is where all the magic happens. Our aggregation site is Furleigh Farms. Each week on Tuesdays (from late May - early October) our Farmers deliver their fresh products to Furleigh Farms where our Aggregation Team verify quality and prepare orders for delivery.

Your North Iowa Fresh Aggregation Team

We have a great team of passionate local food advocates.

Our Executive Committee is made up of our farmers/business owners. They are aided by our Aggregation Team who handle quality assurance (QA) of our products, accurate packing of your orders and timely delivery each week. We are fortunate to partner with the well-known Furleigh Farms as our Aggregation Site.

Andrea Evelsizer

Andrea Evelsizer

Broker / Manager

Molly Luzbetak

Molly Luzbetak

Aggregation Coordinator

Patti Baker

Patti Baker

Aggregation Assistant


By purchasing a Bounty Box Subscription, you are getting healthy, farm-fresh produce for your family and also supporting multiple local farms and our North Iowa economy. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) models a food system built together by customers and farmers both. Our farmers plant for you!

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Aggregation Site


Furleigh Farms

811 N 56th St

Clear Lake, IA 50428