2021 Member Guide

I signed up for the Bounty Box. Now What?

  • See our map of pick-up sites.

  • For detailed pick-up and site contact information, click HERE.

  • There will be an estimated time of delivery, but keep in mind it may vary slightly week to week (depending on how many wholesale deliveries we have and traffic, etc).

  • At each site there will be a sign indicating the location of the boxes, or ask at the main desk.

  • Full: Every Wednesday, May 26 to October 6, 2021 (20 deliveries). All locations except Charles City.
  • Lite 1: Wednesday, May 26 and every other Wednesday until September 29, 2021 (10 deliveries).
    Delivers to Mason City, Belmond and Clarion. (Note: Charles City boxes will be delivered on Tuesdays.) 
  • Lite 2: Wednesday, June 2 and every other Wednesday until October 6, 2021 (10 deliveries). Delivers to Clear Lake, Garner, Forest City, Sheffield, Hampton, and Osage.
  • Monthly 1: Wednesdays May 26, June 23, July 21, August 18, and September 15, 2021 (5 deliveries). Delivers to Clear Lake, Garner, Forest City, Sheffield, and Hampton. (Note: Charles City boxes will be delivered on Tuesdays.)
  • Monthly 2: Wednesdays June 2, June 30, July 28, August 25, and September 22, 2021 (5 deliveries). Delivers to Mason City, Belmond and Clarion.
  • Build Your Own: Every Wednesday (as often as desired), May 26 to October 6, 2021 (up to 20 deliveries). All locations.
  • Storage Shares: Wednesday, November 3 and Wednesday, December 8, 2021. All locations. 
  • Note: Charles City is only available for Lite 1 and Monthly 1 subscriptions. Delivers on Tuesdays.

Yes! All subscribers are eligible to shop our online store as often as they wish!

  • You can add to your “standard box” that has already been ordered OR build a custom box on weeks when you are not scheduled for a delivery. 
  • This is a great option if you’re not getting as much of a product that you would like, if you want to add more diversity to your box, or if you want to order a few items between your regular deliveries.
  • We will be offering meat (every other week), additional vegetables and other products (such as honey, soap, lip-balm and more).
  • A minimum $15 order is required to build a custom box. If you are adding to your “standard box” the minimum order has already been satisfied. 
  • A credit card will be required for these purchases and will be charged after the items are delivered.
  • You will want to check the site often to add items to your box. 
  • You can sign up by texting keyword bountybox to (866) 944-0553.
  • You will receive one message per week reminding you when the cart opens/closes.
  • All shares are boxed in half bushel, waxed cardboard boxes.
  • Boxes will be labeled – be sure to find the box with your name.
  • A member check-off list will be posted on a clip board at your pick up site.
  • Cross off your name from all relevant lists before leaving the pick-up site.
  • Every other week we offer meat as an a-la-carte purchase.
  • If you have ordered meat, your box will have a meat label attached. Look in the styrofoam cooler at your pick-up site and find the meat with your matching label.
  • North Iowa Fresh reuses the delivery boxes so please leave them or return them to your pick up site.
  • We can only reuse these boxes because each box is packed with a new, food grade box liner bag each week.
  • This liner bag works as an easy to grab and go.
  • Leave your unfolded box at your pick up site. If you do fold it, please unfold the box with care to not tear any of the flaps.
  • Box flaps “unhinge”– work with the flaps, don’t force or tear in the unfolding.
  • If you take your box home, please help us by taking care of it and return your box with your next delivery pick up with your next pick up.
  • We are trying to minimize the use of plastic bags but some are required to maintain food safety and ease of packing the boxes. All produce bags and bag liners are food grade so we encourage you to re-use them in your own home if possible but do not return bags with boxes.
  • Timely pick-ups are important. We provide a specific window for pick up at each site. We ask members to honor that schedule.
  • If you know you can’t make the pick-up schedule for a specific week, please contact your site coordinator to make special arrangements, something can usually be worked out. But it’s your responsibility to alert them to any abnormal pick up needs.
  • You may have a friend pick up for you. Please be sure they know the pickup process and schedule and have our contact number for any questions.
  • If you miss a pick-up, your site hosts will attempt to contact you once by email or the phone number you provided during the sign up process. Our rule of thumb is that any shares not picked up 24 hours after the delivery will be forfeited
  • You will receive an email on Thursday of each week letting you know what to expect in the following week’s box. This will allow you to plan your meals and shop our online store for additional items, before we build your box.
  • The Bounty Briefing, our electronic newsletter, and our social media posts will also provide you with a list of what is planned. 
The Bounty Box Briefing is our electronic newsletter. It will be emailed to all members every week, even if you don’t have a box scheduled. There will be valuable information in the Briefing which will include a list of items that will come in the next delivery, recipes, updates from us, stories about our farmers and local food news.  It will also be available on our website under “For Customers”
Note:  Current Customers, if you are not receiving the Briefing, please check your junk, or promotions, folders and make sure it is being directed to your inbox.

Our weekly e-newsletter will have recipes that match up with the box each week. If you’re not getting the Bounty Box Briefing Sign Up Here. Also, we have a great relationship with Healthy Harvest of North Iowa and we’re pleased to be able to share their excellent seasonal recipes and cooking videos. Check our Recipes page for box-specific ideas!

  • The Storage Shares are two additional boxes you can purchase in November and December.
  • You will receive many great storage crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, winter squash and more.
  • The products in these boxes last for many weeks (some last for months!) and are meant to provide you with local produce during the winter months.
  • Storage Share deliveries are on Wednesday, November 3, and Wednesday, December 8, 2021. You can sign up HERE.


By purchasing a Bounty Box Subscription, you are getting healthy, farm-fresh produce for your family and also supporting multiple local farms and our North Iowa economy. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) models a food system built together by customers and farmers both. Our farmers plant for you!

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